Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems (Really!?)

I just read it (7am) and ... I'm speechless.

Thinks ....
  • Larry doesn't do hardware.
  • Decimation à la PeopleSoft?
  • Oracle still runs on IBM, and HP, et al.
  • Wherefore MySQL? Just a cheap shoehorn for the Oracle RDBMS?
  • Solaris (vs. Linux, which Oracle Corp has been pushing)? Ah! SMP scalability
  • And Java? (that made sense for IBM but...) Ah ha! Larry also owns Weblogic!
  • Can't think... Need coffee ...
  • Wait! What about OpenOffice? Oh oh!
Post café noir, this EETimes article seems to hit the salient points (modulo my JVM/Weblogic/J2EE observation). Update (April 24): The Oracle @cringely weighs in on the Sunset. [ He needs to read my blog. :) But he does have the IBM memo ]

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