Saturday, April 26, 2014

Guerrilla Data Analysis Class, May 19th

This is your fast track to enterprise performance and capacity management with an emphasis on applying R statistical tools to your performance data.

Discounts are available for 3 or more people from the same company. Enquire for details.

Entrance Larkspur Landing hotel Pleasanton California

All classes are held at our lovely Larkspur Landing location in Pleasanton. Larkspur Landing also provides free Wi-Fi Internet access in their residence-style rooms, as well as our classroom.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to using R
  • How to Detect Bad Data
  • Measurement Errors and Analysis
  • Multivariate Linear and Nonlinear Regression
  • Quantitative Scalability Analysis
  • Statistical forecasting techniques for CaP
  • Machine learning algorithms applied to CaP Data
  • Wild Not Mild Data: SQL access, web traffic, data recovery
  • Taming the Data Torrent with PCA and PerfViz techniques

Attendees should bring their laptops to the class as course materials are provided on a flash drive and calculational tools like OpenOffice, Excel and R will be useful.

Before registering online, take a look at what former students have said about their Guerrilla training experience.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Melbourne's Weather and Cross Correlations

During a lunchtime discussion among recent GCaP class attendees, the topic of weather came up and I casually mentioned that the weather in Melbourne, Australia, can be very changeable because the continent is so old that there is very little geographical relief to moderate the prevailing winds coming from the west.

In general, Melbourne is said to have a mediterranean climate, but it can also be subject to cold blasts of air coming up from Antarctic regions at any time, but especially during the winter. Fortunately, the island state of Tasmania acts as something of a geographical barrier against those winds. Understanding possible relationships between these effects presents an interesting exercise in correlation analysis.