Tuesday, April 20, 2021

PDQ Online Workshop, May 17-21, 2021

PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) is a free, open source, performance analyzer available from the Performance Dynamics web site.

All modern computer systems, no matter how complex, can be thought of as a directed graph of individual buffers that hold requests until to be serviced at a shared computational resource, e.g., a CPU or disk. Since a buffer is just a queue, any computer infrastructure, from your laptop up to Facebook.com, can be represented as a directed graph of queues.

The directed arcs or arrows in such a graph correspond to workflows between different queues. In the parlance of queueing theory, a directed graph of queues is called a queueing network model. PDQ is a tool for predicting performance metrics such as, waiting time, throughput, optimal user-load.

Two major benefits of using PDQ are:

  1. confirmation that monitored performance metrics have their expected values
  2. predict performance for circumstances that lie beyond current measurements
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