Friday, April 17, 2009

Guerrilla CaP Training in May

Seats are still available for my GCaP class, May 11-15.

Because of the pesky econo-crunch, I'm aware of quite a few people trying to do CaP on their own, directly from my book. You have my deepest admiration and I would love to think my books are that well written, but the reality is DIY is a very tough slog for such a complex subject. You wouldn't try to fly an aircraft without training.

Coming to my class is like providing you with the proverbial hot knife through butter. I say this simply on the basis of the questions students ask me in class. Each point of confusion can be addressed with a few minutes discussion and then we move on the next item. Of course, we all learn from your particular question. After that, the GCaP book, together with the class notes, becomes a reference source, which you can read at your own pace. This kind of personal Q&A, to get you over any conceptual hurdles is not something that can be accomplished through (so-called) video-learning either. 'Nuff said about that ... or I'll start pushing my own buttons.

I'm also aware that people who want to attend cannot, because their employer has zipped up the corporate travel budget. That's understandable and not something I can change. However, I can come to you. Sometimes, this is a more attractive option to management. Ask them.

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