Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scalability Theorems Paper Now Available

As promised, my paper containing the proofs that the universal scalability law is equivalent to the synchronous throughput bound of a machine repairman model of a multiprocessor with state-dependent service rate, is now available from the arXiv preprint server under the title "A General Theory of Computational Scalability Based on Rational Functions," and covers the following topics:
  1. Introduction
  2. Parametric Models
    2.1 Amdahl’s law
    2.2 Gustafson’s speedup
    2.3 Universal Scalability Law (USL)
  3. Queueing Models
    3.1 Queueing Metrics
    3.2 Synchronous Queueing
    3.3 State-Dependent Service
  4. Parametric Models as Queueing Bounds
  5. Extrema and Universality
  6. Conclusion
    A. Why Universal?
    B. Synchronous Queueing
    C. Queueing Models of Amdahl’s Law
    D. Remarks on the Proof of Conjecture 1
The supporting simulations will be presented at CMG 2008 by my colleague, Jim Holtman, in session #8075.

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