Thursday, August 21, 2008

GCaP Book Availability

Guerrilla graduate, Greg Rogers, alerted me to the fact that is showing my GCaP book as being "Temporarily out of stock". Sideways, this turns out to be good news. I know some of you will be thinking ahead to Xmas gifts, so don't be dissuaded. :-) I contacted my editor at and here's what's going on.

Back in April, I was busily directing the attention of the GCaP course attendees to the Guerrilla Manual booklet inserted in the back cover when, to their surprise and my chagrin, they discovered that their copies did not have the booklet. Mine did, but it was an older copy. What the ...!? Turns out, it was a production error in the latest printing, which is now in the process of being corrected. The misprint versions have possibly been "recalled" and that's why it is temporarily out of stock. I'm sure Amazon will still be happy to take your order. Thanks, Greg.

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