Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PDQ geht Deutsch

PDQ goes German! Well, perhaps PDQ gets discussed in German, is a slightly more accurate description. The latest issue of Linux Technical Review (a German publication) discusses performance monitoring, in general, and how Perl::PDQ, in particular, can be used to go beyond monitoring to performance prediction, without breaking the bank.
The article is entitled "Berechenbare Performance" and the Abstract says: Wo man mit Statistik allein nicht weiterkommt, erlaubt es die Performance-Simulation beliebige Was-wäre-wenn-Szenarien durchzuspielen. Ein Perl-Modul hält den Aufwand in Grenzen.

How's your German? Kaput? Maybe Google can help? The appearance of the word 'simulation' in the Abstract is inaccurate, but maybe something got lost in translation.

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