Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Overview of Virtualization Performance

As the Guest Editor for this month's MeasureIT e-zine on the topic of virtualization, a compliation of articles is presented from both earlier MeasureIT authors as well as some papers from the CMG conference proceedings. Titles include:

  • Visualizing Virtualization

  • It May Be Virtual - But the Overhead is Not

  • A Realistic Assessment of the Performance of Windows Guest Virtual Machines

  • Measuring CPU Time from Hyper-Threading Enabled Intel Processors

  • Hyperthreading - Two for the Price of One?

  • To V or Not to V: A Practical Guide To Virtualization

  • The Virtualization Spectrum from Hyperthreads to GRIDs

This issue of MeasureIT is unique in my mind because it is rare to find, in one place, such a broad collection of performance perspectives centered on the intensely hot topic of virtualization.

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