Thursday, November 26, 2020

PDQ 7.0 is Not a Turkey

Giving Thanks for the release of PDQ 7.0, after a 5-year drought, and just in time for the PDQW workshop next week.

New Featues

  1. The introduction of the STREAMING solution method for OPEN queueing networks. (cf. CANON, which can still be used).
  2. The CreateMultiNode() function is now defined for CLOSED queueing networks and distinguished via the MSC device type (cf. MSO for OPEN networks).
  3. The format of Report() has been modified to make the various types of queueing network parameters clearer.
  4. See the R Help pages in RStudio for details.
  5. Run the demo(package="pdq") command in the R console to review a variety of PDQ 7 models.

Maintenance Changes

The migration of Python from 2 to 3 has introduced maintenance complications for PDQ. Python 3 may eventually be accommodated in future PDQ releases. Perl maintenance has ended with PDQ release 6.2, which to remain compatible with the Perl::PDQ book (2011).

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