Monday, August 24, 2015

PDQ Version 6.2.0 Released

PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) is a FOSS performance analysis tool based on the paradigm of queueing models that can be programmed natively in

This minor release is now available for download.

If you're new to PDQ, here's a simple queueing model written R that you can paste directly into an RStudio console or script window:

# A simple M/M/1 queueing model in R-PDQ.


# input parameters
arrivalRate <- 0.75
serviceRate <- 1.0

## Build and solve the PDQ model
Init("Single queue model")                 # Initialize PDQ
CreateOpen("Work", arrivalRate)            # Create workload
CreateNode("Server", CEN, FCFS)            # Def single server
SetDemand("Server", "Work", 1/serviceRate) # Def service time
Solve(CANON)                               # Solve the model
Report()                                   # Formatted output
Also, check out the relevant books and training classes.

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