Saturday, August 13, 2011

GDAT 2011 in Review

As usual, the Guerrilla Data Analysis Techniques (GDAT) class was a total blast. Motivated students always guarantee that. It would really help our scheduling, however, if people didn't wait until the last nanosecond to register for the class. But given the crazy economic climate, I'm more than happy to do whatever it takes to make GDAT fly.

Some course highlights that you missed:
  • How to apply PCA tools in R to performance data
  • An introduction to power-law data modeling. Case studies included: network packet traces, detecting disaster recovery onset, Oracle SQL query-time distributions.
  • How to use heatmaps and treemaps in R to visualize the performance and capacity of kilo-servers in your data center
  • The use of animation and video for performance visualization tools
  • How to apply Machine Learning tools in R to cubic light-years of performance data
  • How to debug your R scripts
  • Jim Holtman may have helped me to resolve a bug in PDQ-R that causes the R Console to crash. If so, PDQ-R could soon be ready for CRAN time.
We also had a couple of excellent class dinners. Almost like old times. Maybe we aren't heading for GFC-2 or that "double-dip" recession. :)


Alex Blog said...

Hi Neil, when can we expect on-line classes? What would you need to have available in an online tool, to make it happen? I am even willing to help there.

Alex from Finland.

Alex Blog said...
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Neil Gunther said...

Thanks for your offer of help but I would look outside your widow and check to see if global warming is under control. An online version of GDAT will surely follow hot on the heels of that event. :)