Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quantifying Scalability FTW (The Movie)

The video of my presentation at the Surge 2010 conference on scalability and performance has finally been posted. Since it doesn't seem to be a streaming server, it may take several minutes to download the video (depending on the speed of your pipe). Also, the audio is suboptimal because it seems to have been recorded from the ambient loudspeakers rather than a direct mic. I was too busy giving the talk to remember the setup they used.

Here's the abstract:
You probably already collect performance data, but data ain't information. Successfull scalability requires transforming your data so that you can quantify the cost-benefit of any architectural decisions. In other words:

measurement + models == information

So, measurement alone is only half the story; you need a method to transform your data. In this presentation I will show you a method that I have developed and applied successfully to large-scale web sites and stack applications to quantify the benefits of proposed scaling strategies. To the degree that you don't quantify your scalability, you run the risk of ending up with WTF rather than FTW.

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