Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hotsos 2011: Brooks, Cooks, Delay and This Just In ...

Thanks to all those who attended my presentation and offered me their compliments afterwards. It was a bit rushed and went a bit wobbly when it came to the description of the repairman queueing model (the Apple Genius Bar), but I knew that might happen going in. Despite my best efforts to muddle it at times, it seems people were able to take away a coherent (pun!) message. That was also evident from the excellent audience questions, as well as some of the tweets I've seen. Thank you.

Here is the latest on the late-breaking news that I referred to at the end of my talk:
  1. Baron Schwartz: Is VoltDB really as scalable as they claim?
    • Applies the USL model very nicely
    • Quantifies scalabiity of an open-source RDBMS
    • Not response time analysis (yet)
    • Not Oracle
  2. Dave Abercrombie: Response time analysis based on AWR data
    • Definitely Oracle
    • Definitely response-time analysis
    • Not USL analysis (yet)
  3. Gerwin Hendriksen: GAPP Improvements: a Method to Diagnose and Predict
    Performance in Complex Architectures

Details at 12 ... Hotsos 2012, hopefully.

And thanks to Cary for inviting me this year.

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Baron said...

I want to be at Hotsos next year. Of all the things I'm missing this year, Hotsos 11 is the one that I actually feel sad about.