Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season's Greetings 2010

As the last post for 2010, from my original home Downunder, I would just like to thank all my readers and Guerrilla class alumni during this holiday season (whichever one you celebrate) and offer you my best wishes for success in the new year.

The Melbourne office of Performance Dynamics in Australia

Unfortunately, computer performance analysis and capacity planning doesn't extend to improving the weather in the northern hemisphere. All hate-mail should be sent to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


Mario Jauvin said...

I knew you are a charlatan! I cannot believe you cannot improve the weather.

Neil Gunther said...

As I sometimes need to remind others: I don't have infinite capacity, so please form a queue. :)

Chang Song said...

Wow. I wish I was there.
We haven't taken any family vacation for straight 5 years. Sigh...

Take care, Neil.

Chang Song

Auswipe said...

[Happy|Merry] Generic Holiday Greetings!

The weather in Tejas is doing just fine. 85 deg F yesterday. Yeee-haw!

Holiday best to you and yours.

Manta said...

Happy Holidays Neil! We have a beautifull weather (now -20celcius, -4 ºF)in northern hemisphere. I'm enjoying sunshine and relaxing in my patio.

Neil Gunther said...

Wow! That's the first ice-BBQ I've ever seen, Manta. You Suomi are so inventive. Looks cool^2 = cool (as in cold) × cool (book). ;-)

Stefan Parvu said...

Merry Xmas and all the best for you !

And talking about Christmas and winter holidays, I think you all wanted to know
whats the real story of Father Christmas.

Check it out: Rare Exports !

From Finland to all of you Happy Holidays and a nice and white Xmas !

Peter said...

Happy holidays from Switzerland. No reason to be jealously - I would miss the snow during Xmax.

But to cold to sit outside ;-)