Friday, February 5, 2010

Guerrilla Mantras Now Updated on Twitter

Those of you in the trenches carrying out performance analysis and capacity planning, perhaps doing it off your own bat, often find yourself in the position where you wish you could point quickly to a more authoritative list of reasons in support your goals. It can mean the difference between convincing your management or not.

To this end, the Guerrilla Manual is provided as a pull-out booklet in the rear jacket of my Guerrilla Capacity Planning book. Now, for an even more rapid-fire response, Guerrilla mantras (140 characters or less) are automatically posted on Twitter. Look for the GMantra tag.


Martin Berger said...

maybe it makes sense to use #GMantra, as Twitter creates an index on such keywoards?

Neil Gunther said...

Believe it or not, I did think about that, but I'm not convinced the # makes any significant difference for search or distribution. I used it with #GMan x.xx, when I tweeted them manually, but I don't see that it bought me anything. I certainly don't expect to see it as a Trending Topic and they look ugly to boot.

If you have a compelling case, I'll reconsider.