Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can Haz Guy: USA CIO Vivek Kundra

Columnist Chris O'Brien's interview with Vivek Kundra in the San Jose Mercury News, appears in "How new CIO has brought innovation to government" . . . "a quiet revolution in the way the federal bureaucracy works that may change our view of government for the better."

Highlights include:
  • successful projects:, Federal IT Dashboard.
  • now launching
  • arriving at SJM News offices with no entourage!
  • Kundra drove himself around Si Valley in a rental car.
  • employing agile software, rapid prototyping, cloud computing, etc.
  • rather than waiting for perfection, Kundra launches beta versions, expecting improvements later.
  • addressing the enormous backlog at Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • long-term vision that people will respond by becoming direct participants in their government.

Setting the pace for Corp. America?

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