Friday, January 9, 2009

Guerrilla Training Schedule for 2009

A preliminary schedule for 2009 Guerrilla capacity planning classes has been posted. A recession is all about doing more with less or, at least, with the capital equipment already purchased. That's a major reason for doing capacity planning.

The class fees and penalties have been increased over 2008, unless you book Early Bird. This means you should start arranging your 2009 training now, so that it gets budgeted. This is going to be rough year. If you do not act preemptively, you may not get in at the last minute (the hotel puts a lot of pressure on us) or, even worse, we may not run the class. Book early, book often!

Another option to consider is having me come to you: Have notes, will travel. That can be more efficient when you have a group of people in your organization who need training. See you in class!

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