Monday, July 14, 2008

Guerrilla Data Analysis Class - Seats Still Available

Most operating systems are capable of collecting hundreds of system and performance metrics every second. Even if you only record them once an hour, after a week you will have more than 50,000 samples; after a month you will be staring at almost a quarter of a million samples! But data are just data. How do you extract performance information out of all those data? Easy! You attend our new and expanded 5-day Guerrilla Data Analysis class, here in California.

In this class, computer engineering and statistics expert Prof. David Lilja presents an easy introduction to statistical methods and finally leads us into the topic of Design of Experiment (DOE) methods applied to performance and capacity planning data.

Having established the foundation theory, R expert, Jim Holtman will show you how to apply DOE and other statistical techniques using example case studies.

You can register for the class, and book your hotel room, online. Book early, book often! We look forward to seeing you in August.

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