Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CMG 2008: Call for PerfViz Papers

It's official! Performance visualization is a "focus area" within the Hot Topics Session Area track for CMG 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The official CFP is now posted and Jim Holtman and I are the Session Area Chairs (SACs) for Hot Topics. In an attempt to build of the recent success of the Barry007 presentations at CMG 2007, we would like to see many more diverse contributions on PerfViz: Better computer performance and planning through better visualization tools, in 2008.

Although PerfViz is a new area for CMG 2008, similar efforts have been undertaken in related areas, such as HPC:

Examples of what is being in other domains include:

Why should these people have all the fun? Perhaps these examples can inspire you to try something similar and possibly contribute to CMG PerfViz. We look forward to it. Please post a comment if you have other suggestions or questions and also make sure you're on RSS to get updates about this activity.

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