Sunday, February 25, 2007

ITIL and Beyond in 2008

ITIL for Guerrillas is the title of Chapter 2 in my new book Guerrilla Capacity Planning (GCaP). That chapter attempts to give some perspective on where GCaP methodologies fit into the ITIL framework.

I am thinking about presenting a new Guerrilla class on this topic for 2008, which would go well beyond the material in chapter 2 to compare what ITIL offers with what is actually needed to provide proper IT service and capacity planning. I'm working with Steve Jenkin, an IT consultant in Australia, who is currently being ITIL certified. Check out his blog ITIL Utopia - Or Not? as he develops his own unique perspective on ITIL.

Please post your comments and suggestions here so we can get some idea of the level of interest in this topic (possible title: Going Guerrilla on ITIL). Assuming there is interest, I will provide more information about the course content and requirements, as things progress.

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Neil Gunther said...

The following exchange was so interesting (pivotal?) that I decided to plagiarize it from Steve's ITIL blog.
Neil Gunther said on Feb 26, 2007 8:27 PM ...
If the ITIL standard is to the X standard as the CMIP standard is to the SNMP standard (i.e., the RFC), what is X?

SteveJ said on Feb 27, 2007 12:50 PM ...
This is a really good question - so good, that it deserves a blog of its own. I don't know what there is... But have some ideas on what it should look like. Thanks for asking the hard questions.
One possible answer is: X == IEEE standard, yet to be defined, for IT service.