Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Len Kleinrock Reflects on Booting The Inter-(ARPA)-net

Len Kleinrock (Mr. Queueing Theory) discussed his role in the innovation of packet-switching for the ARPAnet at NPR last week.
Forty years ago this week, the first information was transmitted across the ARPANET, a test message routed from UCLA to the Stanford Research Institute. Though the message sent on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1969 was incomplete—the system crashed after the 'L'and 'O' of 'LOGIN' were transmitted to SRI—that packet-switched transmission became the basis of much of our modern era of communications. In this segment, Ira talks with internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock about that first transmission and what networked computing has become.
Here's the podcast (mp3).

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