Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PDQ Version 4.2 Released

PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) finally made it out the door as version 4.2 and is now available for immediate download. The PDQ models included in the /examples/ directory correspond to those discussed in each of my books, but PDQ is primarily associated with the Perl::PDQ book.

The main features of PDQ 4.2 are:

  • Java version of PDQ contributed by Peter Harding in Australia

  • PHP version of PDQ contributed by Italian student Samuel Zallocco

  • Threaded-server model and errata corrections contributed by Neil Gunther

  • Better organization of the Perl and Python models

  • The Java and PHP packages are released stand-alone at this time

Complete installation instructions are available on the download page. Make sure you also read the various README files. Tom Becker (USA) and Christof Schmalenbach (Germany) have kindly provided separate installation notes for ActivePerl on Windows. This also indicates how international PDQ has become.

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