Monday, November 24, 2008

Worldwide Supercomputer Ratings

Interesting visualization of worldwide supercomputer performance. These Flash bubble-charts seem to be de rigueur for the NYT now. Bubble diameters are proportional to their TFLOPS rating and the location of each bubble cluster is topologically correct with respect to geographical location, but not by Euclidean distance; which is probably why it wasn't superimposed on a map.

The breakdown of these top-100 machines by processor family (not shown there) looks like this:

  1. Intel: 75.6%
  2. IBM: 12%
  3. AMD: 12%
  4. NEC: 0.2%
  5. SPARC: 0.2%
However, the number 1 machine (at 1.1 petaFLOPs) is based on the IBM Cell processor.

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