Thursday, September 4, 2008

Best Practices

The Guerrilla Manual advises: Best practices are an admission of failure (last item in Section 1). As Wittgenstein said: "Just because we all agree on something, doesn't make it right."

Guerrilla graduate Scott J., sent me the following cartoon by Scott Adams, which offers a Dilbert profundity on the same topic.

For me, the punch line IS the 2nd frame. You may need to click on the strip to see the Dilbert punch line in the 3rd frame.

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John Brady said...

I too have a similar issue with 'above average'. One company I worked at said that they always paid in the upper quartile for that position in the industry so that they would always attract the best people. My view was 'Whoopee, 25% of the jobs out there pay more than I get at the moment'. Somehow my manager could not grasp how paying me more than 75% of what other companies paid did not stop being able to find another higher paid job relatively easily.

And another company went so far as to outsource all of its Human Resource operations. Which of course meant that although it was as good as anyone else, it was also no better, and HR could never deliver any competitive advantage back to the company.

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