Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PDQ Gets Tickled

I recently stumbled across this reference to PDQ in Tcl. The author (Todd Coram) correctly notes that we use SWIG to generate the Perl and Python wrappers and this also facilitates Tcl, apparently. I don't know if he has completed the Tcl port or plans to offer it to us for release to the world at large. Maybe he'll let me know. Surely, The Father of Tcl (a big fan of scripting tools) would approve.

Postscript: Todd Coram responded via email and stated that his attempt had gone into limbo some time ago. So, it looks like open season for anyone interested in doing a Tcl port of PDQ (or any other language for that matter).

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Anonymous said...

Well ... if you have the SWIG interface done, you can hook up with anything SWIG supports! At the moment (SWIG 1.31.1 on Gentoo Linux) that would be java, perl, python, ruby, tcl/tk, guile, lua, ocaml, php and pike! There are a couple of other SWIG interfaces, but they're a tad newer -- R, a couple other Scheme and Lisp dialects, and C#. The SWIG documentation is excellent, and can be found at